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Tammy Faye Channels Nico - http://t.co/GaIYhRD7LN

Tammy Faye Channels Nico

12 September 2014

Last night, Tammy Faye Starlite channeled Nico, the legendary Velvet Underground singer. In a masterful production directed by Michael Schiralli, Tammy Faye inhabited her character in a manner open to few skilled actresses.

Yesterday Papers: Death of the Newspaper?

7 September 2014

It's important, and difficult, for some to realize that however sacrosanct the institution was in the past, print journalism has changed for good.

Fab Four Plus Fifty, the Hard Way

10 August 2014

The power of the Beatles was not immediately obvious. To those of us who first heard them in 1964, the nasal accents and plagal harmonies seemed a logical extension of our rock sensibility.